Beliefs and Principles

The spark an Arabian horse ignited in the imagination of a
young boy grew into a passion!


David Conner’s passion for the Arabian horse began at the young age of 4. He has dedicated his life to learning and knowing every aspect of this breed. Having gained an extensive knowledge of anatomy, bloodlines and genetics, David has been able to apply this to his training methods.

David Conner 2019

Knowing each horse has specific character traits and abilities is a core value at David Conner Training. Recognizing every horse has a unique personality and ability set your horse will be developed with thought and care. Keeping in mind his skill sets and your goals as an owner. He feels that each horse deserves to be happy and reach their full potential in whatever they are comfortable doing. “The horse will tell you what they are capable of.” This philosophy has garnered David impressive accolades in the show ring which consist of multiple National Championships, Regional Championships, and Egyptian Event Championships.

David Conner

Being completely captivated by the ethereal beauty of the Arabian, and feeling like they are the “Super-Models” of the horse industry, David is drawn to the Arabian Halter Horse. In training and showing halter horses he believes it is paramount to showcase their movement. The thrill and excitement evoked by that “entrance” into the ring is mesmerizing! He wants his horses to want to show and trains with positive reinforcement to ensure that they are confident in themselves and feel flamboyant enough to portray that “wow factor”. While having an appreciation for beauty, David also believes in form to function and feels that all halter horses should have the ability to perform in other disciplines. He thinks that a Champion halter horse should also be able to compete and win in Sport-Horse in hand and under saddle. He has a background in Dressage and develops a foundation for his performance horses from this. With experience in training for Dressage, Hunter Pleasure, and Western Pleasure disciplines he gives every horse the opportunity to excel in an array of arenas.

DM Palimarah